When you approach children with authenticity and respect, they open up to you.


Paidion – Small child in Old Greek. Healing children’s souls and spirits.
At Paidion we comfort, understand, accompany, restore.  We view each child’s and family’s story within its particular cultural framework and that culture’s customs and are culturally sensitive to diverse value systems.  

We believe that respecting the child and their story is paramount and continuously reflect on our own thoughts and actions to ensure this.
We offer a trust relationship beyond hierarchies and see the child as the expert of their own needs.  We believe strongly in letting the child participate and lead the way in their own healing process and invite each child lovingly and playfully, seriously and thoughtfully, clearly and decidedly to take us on this journey with them.  We focus on idealizations and shadows, on personal resources, skills and guide in changing patterns in the way of the child’s happiness.  We use our empathy and guard against any and all judgement.

We acknowledge the emotional pain and provide a safe space for expressing it and growing through, out of and in spite of it. We support not only children, teenagers and young adults but also accompany siblings, mothers and fathers on their healing journey as a family. We look forward to be of service to you.


Paidion offers comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of all psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders in childhood and adolescence as well as corresponding pediatric support for somatic symptoms and/or comorbidities. We treat children, teenagers and young adults, considering each particular social and systemic environment and making sure we can support the family as well. With our multidisciplinary team we remain commited to providing top quality services to our privately insured patients and direct payers. We offer clinical and educational diagnostics as well as psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment in German and in English.


Dr. med. Annika Nietzel
Specialist for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Medical and Managing Director of Paidion Berlin


M.Sc. Meret Frey
Child-Pychotherapist (in Residence)


Dipl. Psych. (M.Sc.) Anna Vierling
Child- and Adolescent Psychotherapist (in Residence)
Mediator, Psychologist


Prof. Dr. med. Michael Schulte-Markwort
Specialist for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Founder, Supervisor


Manuela Balint
Practice Manager



M.Sc. Sina-Valeska Kriesel
Psychological Psychotherapist
Managing Director of Paidion Hamburg and Paidion Berlin


Lara Mundt
Psychology student



Dilara Aktürk



Dr. med. Caroline Quinn





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As of October 1st 2021
Kurfürstendamm 212 (on the corner of Uhlandstr.)
10719 Berlin
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